Setting up the scenario.  The player could also pick random races along with a random map, choose any, or go with any combination of choice and randomness.

.Gnomes beat the dwarves

Early Stages of a war between the gnomes in blue, and the elves, in red.  The treehouses are elven cities.

Baby human monks on the march.  These are actually martial artists on the Buddhist model, more than contemplative Europeans.

Humans and dwarves in contact.  Note the blond archangel about to throw a fireball; the hooded figure is a prophet.  The bearded one in the six-wheeled kiddie car is a dwarf tank.

An elven archer fires shoots at an undead necromancer.  Or is he fending off the attentions of Michael Jackson?  The path of the arrow in flight is going to hurt the the Jacko lookalike in a very sensitive place.