The complete playtest map.

Closeup of the map, showing the boxes for the abstracted Caucasus.  Soviet units can move to and from the off-map Trans-Caucasus Front through the southernmost boxes.  Other front boxes represent the transit points for forces coming into the theatre of war on the northern and eastern edges, though without intermediary boxes such as those in the south.

A sample of the Axis countermix, showing both combat units and, toward the top, basic strength markers.  The numbers on the counters are allowances for, from left to right, tactical movement, strategic movement in the Axis Logistical Zone (dark green hexes on the map), and strategic movement elsewhere.


Soviet counters, primarily tank and anti-tank assets.  Note that the Soviet combat units have only one strategic movement rate.  Also, counters in Stalingrad: Pivot on the Volga are two-sided; the assets with two dots are flipped to their reduced side when they suffer a step loss, and the ones with one dot have one step, and are eliminated with their first loss.