Part of the profile for Papa Doc Duvalier, showing the character's flaws.  Though the voodoo dictator is an unsavory character in any context, the traits exhibited by historical figures in the game are not always accurate or fairly portrayed; calling Che Guevara an alcoholic and Juan Peron a moron are definitely cases in point.

Tin shacks in the barrio.

The palace, where El Presidente lives and works.

A cheap hotel, vermin optional.

Status screen; the player can see a lot more detail, with the "Lists" tab being especially useful.

An old colonial fort, now used as a tourist attraction.

Slob tourists from the United Kingdom arrive on Tropico.  Note the better appearance of the freer-spending visitors behind them.

Further proof that not all tourists are ugly or American: A Russian showgirl arrives to work in the local cabaret.

Disaster!  A tropical storm rages over Tropico.  As shown in the window on the right side, Samuel Gomez stands before a shack that has succumbed to the storm.