Title screen.

The interface for the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan.

Introduction to a randomly-generated skirmish scenario, taking place in South America.  The Warchiefs, like the original Age of Empires III, covers almost all of the Americas, with all the variety of terrain possible, from tundra to swamps, and mountains to open plains.

Aztec villagers dance around the firepit.

Iroquois town under attack by the French.

Iroquois on the attack, with their special siege units.  A mantlet is at bottom center, and battering rams are above and immediately to the right.

This time, the Sioux attack a British fortification, without the aid of heavy weapons.

The Turks have declared a revolution against far-off Constantinople!  With that they get militia, a new flag, and ironclads, two of which are seen in action on the Amazon River.