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For Campaigns of the French Foreign Legion (Strategy & Tactics 200-----Nov/Dec 1999)

Originally Published July 5, 2000

By Joseph Miranda

General Rule: Attack from March is a special form of combat which is conducted during movement.

21.1 General Rule: The player moves a force adjacent to an enemy force.  He declares an "Attack from March" and pays "2" extra movement points.  Combat is resolved. Upon successful completion of the combat, the attacking force may continue moving.  Successful completion is defined as inflicting a defeat on the enemy force.

21.2. An Attack from March costs TWO (2) extra movement points. This is in addition to the extra movement point cost for entering an enemy ZOC. An Attack from March may be made from the hex in which a force begins its movement.

Note: Unlike some other games which allow this sort of attack, the Attack from March is resolved from the adjacent hex; the attacker does not enter the defender's hex.

21.3. Attack from March is resolved as normal combat, with the following addition: The defending force adds an additional +2 to all fires it makes in that combat.

21.4 Post combat. Upon completion of the Battle procedure, victory is evaluated normally.

21.41 Retreats. A losing force retreats as per the normally combat rules.

21.42 Advance after combat. There is no advance after combat following Attack from March per se (if the attacking force wins the battle, it may continue normal movement).

21.43 A moving force which conducts an Attack from March and gains a draw or loses must cease movement for the turn.

21.5 Fortresses. Units may not conduct Attack from March against enemy units inside of Fortresses.

21.6 Within these restrictions, a force can conduct an unlimited number of Attacks from March in a single turn, and can attempt to Attack from March the same enemy force more than once (as long as it pays the appropriate movement costs).

21.7 A force which performs Attack from March may conduct combat during the Battle Segment, regardless of the outcome of the combat.