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Jungleland: A Scenario for StarCraft and the Brood War Expansion
by Jim Werbaneth

Originally Published January 8, 2008

Here is a new scenario for an old game, the classic StarCraft and its Brood War expansion.  In this one, the human player takes the role of his fellow Terrans, against computer-controlled Zerg.


Empty Quarter 1998: A Scenario for Steel Panthers III
by Jim Werbaneth

Originally Published June 25, 2002

Empty Quarter 1998 is a scenario for Steel Panthers III based loosely, and I mean very loosely, on battles from Tom Clancy’s novel Executive Orders.  American units counterattack superior numbers of Iraqi Republican Guard mechanized units that are in the process of invading Saudi Arabia.


Space Station Romeo: A Scenario for StarCraft and the Brood War Expansion
by Jim Werbaneth

Islands in the Night: A Scenario for StarCraft and the Brood War Expansion
by Jim Werbaneth

Both Originally Published February 7, 2002

Space Station Romeo places the gamer in the role of the Protoss, aliens who are trying to establish a presence in the ruins of a space station originally built by humans.  Why are the humans gone, and their facility in a state of destruction?  Answer: The Zerg.  Expect some of this disgusting race to remain on the station, as unpleasant as ever.

Islands In the Night takes place in a similar setting, only larger, and with smaller bits of solid ground.  This time the human player is the human, with some potent military power already at his disposal.  He will need it.

The enemy is, once again, the Zerg.  Maybe this time they have met their match.  Or maybe not.  The answer depends on how you play.

Both scenarios require the Broodwar expansion set.


Alternate Nile: A Scenario for Age of Sail
by Jim Werbaneth

Originally Published August 27, 2000

In 1798, Lord Nelson smashed the French fleet at anchor in Aboukir Bay, Egypt, a naval clash known henceforth as the Battle of the Nile.

What if the navies had met at sea and underway?  That is the question that my scenario, Alternate Nile, addresses.

The orders of battle are those of the historical battle, minus the French frigates, which are assumed to be detached for scouting and liaison duties.  I gave it a time limit of two and a half hours, and neither side must totally wreck its opponent in order to win.


Mr. Carter's War 1980: A Scenario for Steel Panthers II
by Jim Werbaneth

Originally Published November 16, 1999

Here is a second scenario for Steel Panthers II, this one taking place in 1980. The background is that in March 1980, Jimmy Carter launched a large-scale invasion of Iran to force the release of the American hostages, landing Marines and paratroopers at the port of Bandar Abbas, near the Straits of Hormuz.

In the scenario, Marine tanks and riflemen advance northward, to take up blocking positions against Iranian counterattacks. However, they meet units of the regular Iranian army on their way, and the fighting begins.

The scenario went through some evolution. Earlier drafts were highly imbalanced in Iran's favor, with the Marines getting savaged from the beginning. I added a little extra American airpower to even the odds, and altered the deployment.

All of this gave the Marines a significantly better chance. In fact, in two tests they were able to win decisive victories.


Forward BAOR 1999: A Scenario for Steel Panthers II
by Jim Werbaneth

Originally Published November 7, 1999

Designed for Steel Panthers II, this shows a reinforced British armor company defending against the vanguard of a Soviet tank division, in West Germany in 1989.