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ZunTzu Module for Rommel at Gazala
by Tony Costa

January 18, 2011

For Rommel at Gazala players, Pittsburgh gamer Tony Costa presents this ZunTzu module, complete with an original but designer-approved map.

Revised Italian Destroyers for Command at Sea
by Gary Greenhalgh

Gary revises some of the Reggia Marina's destroyers for Command at Sea, in Excel spreadsheet form.

French Ships for Fear God and Dread Nought
by Gary Greenhalgh

More revisions of the French navy, for the World War I era, in Excel format.

Dutch Ships for Command at Sea
by Gary Greenhalgh

Revisions of last year's work on the Royal Netherlands Navy, in Adobe pdf format.

Soviet Ships for Command at Sea
by Gary Greenhalgh

Ships of the Soviet navy, both historical and hypothetical, for Command at Sea, presented in Excel format.

January 18, 2011


Italian Warships for Command at Sea
by Gary Greenhalgh

August 20, 2009

Gary Greenhalgh returns to the Command at Sea system yet again, with a set of nine data sheets for Italian destroyers, destroyer escorts, and torpedo boats.  Today's installment includes:

DD Turbine
DD Leone
DD Soldati (Fifth 120mm gun instead of starshell howitzer)
DD Navigatori
DD Maestrale
DD Folgore
DD Dardo
DE Pegaso
TB Generali

Dutch Warships for Command at Sea
by Gary Greenhalgh

August 19, 2009

Naval miniatures supplements are back, again thanks to Gary Greenhalgh.  This time, he turns his attention to the Royal Netherlands Navy, in Command at Sea from Clash of Arms The ships covered are:

CL De Ruyter
CLAA Jacob van Heemskerck (Tromp armed with RN 4" Mk XVI guns)
DD Isaac Sweers (Tjerk Hiddes class also with Mk XVI guns)
DD ZH1 (Tjerk Hiddes class in Kriegsmarine colors with Dutch 4.7" guns)
DD Van Ghent (No Seaplane)
DD Van Nes (No Seaplane)

British and Austrian Cruisers and Old Battleships for Fear God and Dread Nought
by Gary Greenhalgh

Originally Published April 17, 2007

Here we have, for the first big addition of 2007, more excellent work from Gary Greenhalgh.  He really outdid himself this time, adding numerous cruisers and predreadnought battleships to the Fear God & Dread Nought miniatures rules from Clash of Arms.  This time he presents them arranged in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, organizing the ship classes one per sheet.  For those who do not have access to Excel, they should open with the spreadsheet application to OpenOffice.  That package's great advantage is that is is a free download.

Four of the spreedsheets contain the ship data.  The fifth is a template that players can use to build their own datasheets.

New American Capital Ships for Command at Sea
by Gary Greenhalgh

Alternate Counters for The Big Red One
by Paul Rohrbaugh

Auxiliary Aircraft Counters for Richtofen's War
by Paul Rohrbaugh

Originally Published November 26, 2006

The top project is another set of ship data sheets by my friend Gary Greenhalgh, for Command at Sea.  He gives us two ships of the US Navy in World War II, the battlecruisers Alaska and Guam, and the cancelled battleships of the Montana class.

Two others are artwork by Paul Rohrbaugh, prolific game designer and developer, and and until recently the staff developer for Against the Odds magazine.  He contributes a new set of counters for SPI's Big Red One microgame on the Battle of the Bulge; it duplicates the old one, but with art that meets the standards of today instead of the less colorful work from when the game was published.  In addition, he provides new counters for the auxiliary aircraft in the Battle Manual to Richtofen's War, Avalon Hill's air combat game from about thirty years ago.

New British and Japanese Ships for Command at Sea
by Gary Greenhalgh

Dreadnoughts & Battlecruisers Gun Range Chart
by Gary Greenhalgh

Originally Published June 20, 2005

The first project here is the work of Gary Greenhalgh, one of my oldest friends in wargaming, and probably the finest naval gamer I know.  He contributes two projects here, one a variant for gunnery ranges in Dreadnoughts & Battlecruisers from Minden Games, and the other new British and Japanese warships for the Command at Sea miniatures rules from Clash of Arms.  These rank among the very best submissions I've received for either the website or the print edition of Line of Departure; I chose the former option so that as many people as possible can enjoy them as soon as possible.

In addition, the range chart for Dreadnoughts & Battlecruisers is rendered in two media.  One is the pdf format that we all know and love, readable on any platform but static.  The other is an Excel 2003 spreadsheet.  This is readable in Excel, Microsoft Works or, for those outside the Wintel world or who just have other financial needs than to give money to Bill Gates, OpenOffice, a free and open source rival to Microsoft Office.  I've found it almost entirely compatible with Excel.

Supplementary Rules to Streets of Stalingrad's Third Edition
by Dana Lombardy

Originally Published May 6, 2003

Last week, the new issue of Line of Departure’s print edition led off with a review of the third edition of Streets of Stalingrad, published by L2 Design Group.  As per my normal practice, I sent a copy to the designer, Dana Lombardy, for his response.

He was kind enough to send me more than just an answer to the review; more than that, he sent supplementary rules, adding a provision for accelerated close assault, and mandated retreats by units defeated in terrain away from the urban center.

Attack From March Rule for Campaigns of the French Foreign Legion
by Joseph Miranda

Originally Published July 5, 2000

Campaigns of the French Foreign Legion appeared in Issue 200 of Strategy & Tactics magazine.  It is actually three games on French colonial wars in Algeria, Tonkin and Dahomey.

Subsequent to publication, designer (and S&T editor) Joseph Miranda concluded that some players on an anti-French side could win by dispersing their forces, compelling the French to run them down, a task that often takes longer than the game, therefore assuring an unnaturally easy victory.

With that in mind, Miranda drew up optional rules for attacking from march, a kind of mobile assault or overrun.  Then, in order to reach as many gamers as possible, he offered it to me for publication here.

Player's Aids and Tracks for Clash of Eagles: Borodino and Friedland
by Jim Werbaneth

Originally Published August 9, 1999

Line of Departure's long-standing commitment to presenting player's aids and boardgame charts is represented here, commencing with charts for the Borodino and Friedland games contained in Strategy & Tactics Number 195 (January/February 1999-----but actually published in July). These games were co-designed by my good friends Walt Dippel and Rev. Jack A. Werth, locally known as the Minister of War.

The games utilize the tried and true Napoleon's Last Battles system, and are eminently playable as-is. However, Borodino lacks the customary display for keeping track of army's progress toward demoralization and disintegration. Walt Dippel mailed me black and white photocopies of the charts, which I rendered into fresh documents, complete with color.