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Most of the following articles were written for a variety of graduate history and military history courses at American Military University.  They are essentially academic in nature, with their research fully documented and cited according to the Chicago/Turabian format.

Please note that none of these are presented as resources for cheating, as all have passed through TurnitIn already.  Instead, they are presented as research resources for honest students from high school through graduate school, and examples that they can emulate in their own work.

Anatomy of a Failure: The Defeat of the Soviet Kharkov Offensive, 1942
by Jim Werbaneth

Janauary 10, 2022


The Logistical Foundations of Grant's Overland Campaign of 1864
by Jim Werbaneth

December 11, 2016


The 77th Infantry Division In World War II: A Study in Excellence
by Jim Werbaneth

December 16, 2014


Battle for Brittany: An Analysis of Patton's Post D-Day Diversion
by Jim Werbaneth

May 27, 2013


Normandy Counteroffensive: An Analysis of the Battle of Mortain, August 1944
by Jim Werbaneth

December 18, 2012


Heinz Guderian: A Short Biography
by Jim Werbaneth

December 18, 2012


Scott's Mexico City Campaign: Jomini, Clausewitz, and Winfield Scott
by Jim Werbaneth

December 27, 2011

One Battle, Three Perspectives: How Three Leading Military Historians View Grant's Role in the First Hours of Shiloh
by Jim Werbaneth

May 5, 2011.

These articles do not have source citations, nor are they essentially academic in nature.  But they might be of interest, and can be used as sources for research papers.

Churchill the Indispensible: How the Prime Minister Became the Most Important Figure of World War II
by Jim Werbaneth

December 31, 2021

Portrait of the Führer as a Compulsive Gambler: How Winning Early Warped Hitler's Perceptions of Strategy
by Jim Werbaneth 

December 19, 2021

Military History for Beginners: My Own Introduction to Teaching Military History at the College Level
by Jim Werbaneth

January 18, 2011.

The Raiders: An Analysis of Naval Surface Commerce Raiding Since the Elizabethan Era
by Jim Werbaneth

Originally Published June 25, 2002

Afghanistan Post-Mortem: Early Lessons of the War Against al-Quaida and the Taliban
by Jim Werbaneth

Originally Published January 1, 2002 

The Law and the Wargame: My Experience as a Guest at a Premier Law School
by Jim Werbaneth

Originally Published October 19, 2001 

The Brutal Road to Security: First Thoughts on the First War of the Twenty-First Century
by Jim Werbaneth

Originally Published September 14, 2001